Width: 900mm
Length: 2100mm
Thickness: 32mm (14mm lugs)

YoungStar™ 32 Mat

YoungStar™ 32 cattle mat was designed, developed and tested with the help of Australian feedlots, sales yards, abattoirs, and live exporters. So, it’s no wonder that it checks all the right boxes. Not only does it offer a uniquely effective anti-slip design – but it also offers high durability, simple installation and easy cleaning. Prevent injuries and reduce animal stress with YoungStar™ cattle mats.

Width: 900mm
Length: 2100mm
Thickness: 20mm (10mm lugs)

YoungStar™ 20 Mat

Young Star™ 20 offers a rubber matting system that’s simple to install, easy to clean, and an exceptional performer under pressure. With its thick base and well-placed square lugs, this mat is designed to stop cattle from slipping and dramatically reduce the incidence of falls and injuries, creating a calmer environment for your cattle. Great for cattle yards, induction areas, loading zones, and processing areas.

Reduce hoof injuries

YoungStar™ Cattle Mats eliminate hooves scraping on concrete. This results in a significant reduction in hoof injuries, foot abscesses, fewer cattle being pulled from the pen for treatments and a lower mortality rate. Prevent injuries and reduce animal stress with YoungStar™ Cattle Mats.

Developed with the help of industry leaders

YoungStar™ is unique because it is the first fit-for-purpose cattle mat designed, developed, and tested with the help of Australian beef industry partners. Numat, who has spent 20 years developing agricultural surfacing solutions, worked with industry leading feedlots to produce the ideal cattle mat.

Designed for performance under pressure

YoungStar™ mat has large optimally placed lugs that dramatically reduce cattle slipping in high-pressure areas. It is made from thick, high-quality vulcanized rubber that’s built to last. Its uniform design ensures it is easy to install and easy to clean.

See YoungStar™ in action

The benefits of installing YoungStar™ matting can be seen immediately. Cattle are calmer and the risk of injuries is greatly reduced.

A cattle mat that’s tried and true

YoungStar matting has been specifically designed for use in the Australian beef industry. It is the only mat that checks all the boxes.

  • High-quality long-lasting rubber

  • Unique anti-slip design

  • Fast, easy supply and delivery

  • Simple to install on-site

  • Easy to clean one-piece surface

  • Vulcanized fully sealed rubber
    (won’t hold moisture or bacteria)

  • Stainless steel fixing system
    (no protruding metal parts)

Get a free sample box

We have sample boxes available which include a piece of our YoungStar™ matting, an information sheet, and a YoungStar™ cap.

To get your free sample box, please call us on 1800 686 287.

Our team

Mike Judd

Director / Consultant

Mike has had over 30 years in the animal husbandry sector. Starting off on his father’s farm, he then became involved in the stock and station agency sector, before moving on to make his very first agricultural rubber mat in 1995 using shredded rubber from old truck tyre buffings, resin, and a bucket. From that time, he has studied surfacing, animal behaviour, and stock movement. Today he is still involved in developing, suppling and selling Numat’s present range of livestock matting (for any situation) which we now supply to most parts of the industry in Australia and New Zealand.

mike@numat.com.au  |  1800 686 287

Carl Archer


Carl has had over 14 years experience servicing the beef and agriculture industry. Having been raised in a family with a farming background, holidays were spent on the family farm surrounded by cattle, sheep, and crops. The first 7 years of working life was with an engineering company involving component manufacture for a vast range of farming implements and cattle handling equipment. Over the next 14 years, Carl spent a lot of time with abattoirs, providing doorway solutions in high traffic areas. This journey from a young age has instilled the importance of good animal handling and management leading Carl to where he is now creating anti-slip, hoof friendly surfaces.

carl@numat.com.au | 1800 686 287

We use recycled rubber

YoungStar™ Cattle Mats are made using recycled vehicle tyres. More than one billion tyres are discarded worldwide every year so we are doing our small but significant bit to help recycle this valuable resource.


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